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Shannon Davidson

Roo Roo


The reason that I am doing the Virtual Dog Walk for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation is because I was diagnosed with Hemi-Dystonia at age 12. I am now 21 years old and doctors still do not know what caused my sudden onset of Dystonia. Hopefully by helping fund Dystonia research, I will one day know what caused it. Being diagnosed with Hemi-Dystonia after being a perfectly healthy kid was very difficult, and it still continues to be. My dog Roo Roo makes my days truly better because I can always count on her unconditional love. Even though she has only been with me for two years, she knows when I am having flare ups and never leaves my side. She is truly one special dog to the rest of my family and me. So, let's try and find a cure for this disorder and make sure that we all have freedom to move! 

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