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I have Generalized and Paroxysmal Dystonia. It took me 15 years to get a diagnosis. I got my dog Davis in 2006. He is a Paws With Purpose service dog who I have had the privilege of having into his retirement. He would wear a harness that had a handle on it and would be my cane when we would go out. He would help me get up when I fell, open and close doors, pick things up for me, and even help me dress! Thanks to having DBS in 2010 I am much better and can walk unassisted now. Now that he is retired he is like any other (slightly spoiled :-) house dog. 

The Dystonia Medical Research foundation does so much to help those with Dystonia as well as educating the medical community about Dystonia. The information I found at the DMRF was instrumental in helping me get my long awaited diagnosis. I hope they are able to help many more as well as demystify Dystonia in the eyes of the public and make people more aware about it. 

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The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) has served the dystonia community since 1976. Join us in our global effort to find a cure.