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Larry Stahl



I have Multi-focal Dystonia and have a service dog named Ariel. She not only helps me with many tasks, but she is specifically trained for help with balance and walking. Ariel also can retrieve things for me if I drop them and can not get them without falling. She is a wonderful help to me, as well  as a great companion.There are  days when my husband goes to work and I am having bad days and can't get around much due to bad spasms or pain. Dystonia can be very debilitating sometimes. It can also be depressing on these types of days, and Ariel always brightens them up. I think she senses it and will come over give me a nudge and I even swear she smiles. So they are not only our service dogs but our helpers in life.

Many thanks to all of you for supporting this Virtual Walk to help raise money for a cure and research. Thank you also to My Ariel for helping in giving me a better quality of life.


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