4 Ways You Can Promote Dystonia Awareness

September is Dystonia Awareness Month.


You can help bring greater visibility to dystonia and the issues that impact affected individuals and families.

Dystonia Moves Me is DMRF’s annual awareness campaign. Dystonia Moves Me empowers volunteers to promote dystonia awareness locally and in social media.

Here are four ways you can take action to promote dystonia awareness:

1. Show your support by showing up. DMRF events and educational meetings are happening throughout the country. Click here to check for events in your area.

2. Talk about it. Read up on dystonia so you are prepared to inform family and friends. Click here to download a free double-sided fact sheet of dystonia talking points to help start the conversation.

3. Make an awareness moment. Keep information cards and stickers on hand to promote dystonia among the people you see on a daily basis. Click here to order.

4. Share what you know. Throughout September, look for facts about dystonia posted daily from DMRF on Facebook and Twitter (@dmrf). Share on social.

Thank you for your support!

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