Attendees Fill Zoo for 1st Philadelphia Dystonia Walk


The 1st Philadelphia Dystonia Zoo Walk was a joint effort of the Northeast Pennsylvania Dystonia Support Group, Dystonia Support & Action Group of Philadelphia, and Southeast Pennsylvania Dystonia Support Group. Congratulations to the organizing committee on a very successful inaugural event: Dawn Hamilton, Maureen Kilcullen, Janice and Len Nachbar, and Raman Patel. Dr. Andres Deik of Pennsylvania Hospital attended and provided remarks. Total attendance exceeded 400 people.

Philadelphia was the final of a dozen cities to host Dystonia Zoo Walks in 2017. Dystonia Zoo Walks offer a “twist” on traditional charity walks with no required walking course or expectation other than enjoying a morning at the zoo among patients, friends, and family.

Dystonia is characterized by extreme, involuntary muscle contractions that result in twisting, repetitive muscle movements and abnormal postures of the body and limbs. There are many manifestations of dystonia that impact people of all ages and backgrounds. Common signs include twisting or abnormal movements of the head and neck, excessive blinking, a breathy or choking voice, hand cramps, or a twisted foot. Conservative estimates suggest no fewer than 250,000 Americans are affected.

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing research for improved dystonia treatments and ultimately a cure, promoting awareness, and supporting the well-being of affected individuals and families.

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The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) has served the dystonia community since 1976. Join us in our global effort to find a cure.