Portland Volunteers Host 2nd Dystonia Zoo Walk to Support DMRF


Portland is the latest of a dozen cities across the USA to host a Dystonia Zoo Walk in 2017. The event was organized by DMRF volunteer Dee Linde and members of the Portland, Oregon & Southwest Washington Dystonia Support Group, which she founded. Special guests included DMRF Leadership Chair Paula Schneider and Stacey Jochimsen from the office of Senator Jeff Merkley. Dystonia Zoo Walks offer a “twist” on traditional charity walks with no required walking course or expectation other than enjoying a morning at the zoo connecting with others in the dystonia community and promoting awareness. Proceeds support the DMRF mission. Sponsors include Allergan and Merz Neurosciences.

In 2000, Dee Linde was among a small group of pioneering patients to undergo deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery which has alleviated most of her dystonic symptoms. In addition to leading the Portland, Oregon & Southwest Washington Dystonia Support Group, Dee founded an online group for DBS patients. She has served on the Department of Defense (DOD)’s consumer review panel for dystonia research applications and has testified before the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee urging legislators to include dystonia in the DOD’s exclusive medical research program.

Additional Dystonia Zoo Walks to benefit the DMRF are scheduled in the coming months to take place in St Louis, Cincinnati, New York City/Bronx, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. More information about these and additional DMRF events is available at www.dystonia-foundation.org/events.

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing research for improved dystonia treatments and ultimately a cure, promoting awareness, and supporting the well-being of affected individuals and families. The DMRF can be reached at 800-377-3978 or www.dystonia-foundation.org.

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