Awareness Campaign to Reach to the Undiagnosed


Right now, how many people do you think are struggling with dystonia but not yet diagnosed? You can help promote dystonia awareness and reach the undiagnosed by joining Dystonia Moves Me, the DMRF’s annual awareness campaign. Dystonia Moves Me gives volunteers tools to promote dystonia awareness locally and in social media.

Awareness efforts in 2017 will focus on reaching individuals who may be living with dystonia symptoms but not yet diagnosed. The DMRF is calling on volunteers to ask their neighborhood healthcare offices and businesses to provide dystonia awareness materials in their waiting rooms during Dystonia Awareness Month (September). The DMRF has created special displays that make it easy to outfit a waiting room with information about dystonia.

Volunteers are encouraged to identify healthcare practices where individuals may be seeking help for undiagnosed dystonia symptoms. In addition to movement disorder neurologists, volunteers are encouraged to work with local general neurologists, child neurologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, ophthalmologists, speech pathologists, and dentists. In addition to helping identify new dystonia patients, this effort simultaneously helps healthcare professionals in fields outside of movement disorders become aware of dystonia and DMRF resources for patients.

Every volunteer who participates in the campaign and sends the DMRF a photo or video of their awareness efforts will be entered into a random drawing for a $100 American Express gift card.

To get started, click here to order your free Dystonia Moves Me Volunteer Kit. The instructions make it easy for you to invite up to five local healthcare practices to request awareness materials for their office. The DMRF will ship the awareness material displays directly to the healthcare offices.

Many thanks to the 2017 Dystonia Moves Me Committee for guiding plans for this year’s campaign: Monica Alley, Erin Marshall, Jason Ornelis, Annie Ritsch, and Brad Schmitt.

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