Send Your Best Wishes to Ben Beach

On April 17, DMRF member Ben Beach will run his 50th consecutive Boston Marathon, despite the challenges of focal leg dystonia. That is not a typo: 50 as in 5-0! Representatives of the DMRF and Dystance4Dystonia runners are sending Ben their well-wishes. Add your cheers and congratulations for Ben by emailing the DMRF at

“On behalf of the DMRF Board of Directors and leadership, you have our utmost admiration and respect for conquering 50 Boston Marathons. The fortitude this requires is astounding. As someone who has tried to live beyond the limitations dystonia imposes and to always be grateful for what I have, I personally offer my most sincere appreciation for what it must have taken for you to arrive at this moment. Cheers and congratulations! Have a great race.”
--Art Kessler, President, Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

“Best wishes for a good run, Ben.  It is hard to imagine running one Boston marathon – let alone 50 consecutive and while battling dystonia!  With every step of these 26.2 miles you inspire and send a message of courage and hope.  Thank you for your willingness to share your story so that others are more aware of dystonia. We stand in awe of your many efforts and accomplishments. Hearty congratulations on this remarkable accomplishment.”
--Janet Hieshetter, Executive Director, Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

"Congratulations, Ben, on this phenomenal accomplishment. Your focus and drive are inspiring. Have a great race!”
-Daniel Sacke, Dystance4Dystonia Runner and DMRF Supporter

 “Ben wishing you all the best running the Boston marathon!  Always remember your mind is stronger than you think and you are running for all the people that never will have the opportunity to do this race! We are all rooting for you!”
--Carrie Siu Butt, Dystance4Dystonia Runner and DMRF Supporter

“Ben - it is with the utmost respect and pride that we write you this note! We have been a part of the DMRF for almost 10 years, which was when Rebecca's father was diagnosed with dystonia. We have participated in the Dystance4Dystonia program by organizing two 5ks as well as Tony has run two times in the New York City marathon. Even throughout all of our personal running accomplishments, we cannot even fathom the magnitude and requirement of running in a single Boston Marathon, let alone 50 CONSECUTIVE!!!! This is an accomplishment for the record books, which you have literally obtained!!! Just WOW!!!

Please hear in this short note, a magnificent ‘congratulations’ as well as a very heartfelt ‘thank you’ as you run this year's Boston! Our family is grateful for the awareness you are bringing to this dreaded disorder and in awe at your strength! Blessings, safe running, and congratulations, again, from our entire family!”
--Tony and Rebecca Sharp, Dystance4Dystonia Volunteers and DMRF Supporters

“Ben, it was with great pleasure and inspiration that I read about your Boston Marathon accomplishments. After completing only 3 Boston Marathon's in my 66 years, I can especially appreciate your phenomenal accomplishment. It is a further testament to your resiliency to maintain your commitment despite limitations from your dystonia. It is this type of story and determination to make the most of your life that others in the dystonia world need to hear. I will pass on your story to my patients and those in the Seattle area support group, but it would be great if you would have the opportunity to speak to a group of those with dystonia if you would consider a trip to the Northwest.”
--Patrick Hogan, DO, Clinical Director, Puget Sound Neurology

“Congratulations on this Amazing accomplishment of running in your 50th straight Boston Marathon. You are truly an inspiration to all people, athletes, runners, and those living with dystonia. Good Luck in your race and Thanks for all you do! You are living proof that anything can be accomplished and the human spirit is so Powerful!”
--Pat Brogan, Dystance4Dystonia Runner and DMRF Supporter

“I am inspired by learning how patients who share the burden of living with dystonia every day face the challenges caused by the disease. Ben, I am blown away by your story! You took on dystonia head on and did not let it stop you from achieving an unbelievable milestone! As someone who has finished 'just' 2 marathons, I take my hat off. I also commend you for using your story to help bring greater public awareness to dystonia. This is a disease that changes lives, but clearly has not defined yours. I will be sure to share your story with my patents and colleagues—and fellow runners.”
-Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Division of Movement Disorders, University of Pennsylvania

“Ben - You have everyone in the dystonia community rooting for you and cheering you on. Thank you for demonstrating that dystonia does not define or decide what is possible for us. All of us must chart our own path, find our own way, and you are among our most inspiring trailblazers. Thank you and enjoy the run as best you can.”
--Tim Landis, Dystance4Dystonia Runner and DMRF Supporter, cervical dystonia


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