Dystonia Moves Me: Show Me Your Moves

DMRF Launches 2015 Awareness Campaign


The DMRF has announced plans for Dystonia Moves Me, an awareness campaign to take place throughout Dystonia Awareness Month in September. This year’s challenge is to promote dystonia awareness by ‘showing your moves’ and encouraging others to do the same.  

Volunteers are encouraged to use photos, video, or live events to promote dystonia awareness by showing off their best moves—whether through dance, sports, demonstrating a sensory trick, playing a musical instrument, or any favorite skill or hobby. Or simply share how dystonia, a movement disorder, impacts their lives. Family, friends, school mates, dance studios, fitness clubs, etc. are invited to take part and challenge one another. The more people who participate, the greater the awareness.

A Dystonia Moves Me Awareness Kit with instructions on how to participate is available for free download. Details are also available at www.dystonia-foundation.org/dystoniamovesme.

News and updates about the campaign will be posted at www.dystonia-foundation.org/dystoniamovesme as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Dystonia is a chronic, often disabling, neurological disorder marked by extreme muscle contractions that cause involuntary movements and abnormal postures of the body and limbs. There are numerous subtypes that affect people of all ages and backgrounds. Common signs of dystonia include twisting or abnormal movements of the head and neck, excessive blinking, a breathy or choking voice, hand cramps, or a dragging foot.

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing research for improved dystonia treatments and ultimately a cure, promoting awareness, and supporting the well-being of affected individuals and families. The DMRF can be reached at 800-377-3978 or www.dystonia-foundation.org.

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