Never Look Down

Mother and Son Author Book to Empower Children with Dystonia

It takes a pretty special kid to view being diagnosed with a neurological disorder as an opportunity to contribute something positive to the world. But that’s how then 12-year-old Zachary Weinstein responded to developing dystonia. Zachary and his mother Alyssa Dver wrote a new book entitled Never Look Down in partnership with the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) so that other children like Zachary feel empowered, not diminished, by this illness. The title is taken from Zachary’s personal motto for overcoming obstacles.

“Dystonia is a hurdle,” says Zachary. “I’ll continue to be confronted with it many times, but each and every time I’ll have to overcome it. My advice for other kids is--as I like to say--‘never look down.’ Keep going and you’ll find a way to do anything you want.”
Click here to view interview with Zachary and Alyssa about Never Look Down.

Never Look Down provides newly diagnosed children and their families a simple way to understand dystonia - what the symptoms may be and how it can affect everyday life. The book also provides a variety of resources that can help people with dystonia, their friends, and family members to be better informed and cope with this chronic disorder.

There are several forms of dystonia that typically begin in childhood, including primary and secondary forms. Zachary’s parents consulted a string of doctors before their son was correctly diagnosed. “Looking back,” recalls Alyssa, “we were so numb. We didn’t know what was happening with Zak, and it was scary. Ironically, now we feel gifted. Even though we have to go through this, we are able to help other families because we know where they have been.”
If a child in your family is impacted by dystonia, you may be eligible to receive a copy of Never Look Down at no charge. Supplies are limited so please contact the DMRF at 312-755-0198 or

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