Coping Articles

The following downloadable articles address various aspects of living with dystonia.

Each article is from the Dystonia Dialogue, the official newsletter of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF). The newsletter is published three times a year. Three printed issues are included in your DMRF membership. Subscribe here.

"Not Just Any Body: Living Well with Dystonia"
Dystonia Dialogue - Summer 2015

"Out of Control: Finding Peace of Mind When Your Body is Running Your Life"
Dystonia Dialogue, Summer 2013

"Looking Inward, Reaching Out: Dystonia & Isolation"
Dystonia Dialogue, Winter 2012

"Connecting the Dots: Navigating the Dystonia Diagnosis Process"
Dystonia Dialogue, Spring 2012

"Tips for Job Seekers"
Dystonia Dialogue, Winter 2011

"Dystonia Treatment is a Journey"
Dystonia Dialogue, Winter 2011

"Taking Charge of Your Care & Questions to Ask Your Doctor"
Dystonia Dialogue, Summer 2011

"Tips for Energy Conservation"
Dystonia Dialogue, Winter 2009

"Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability Benefits"
Dystonia Dialogue, Winter 2008

"Tips for Committed Couples"
Dystonia Dialogue, Spring 2008

"Dystonia is a Family Affair"
Dystonia Dialogue, Winter 2007

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