Join a Support Group

There are many benefits to joining a support group.

Find the dystonia support group nearest you and enjoy the rewards:

  • You receive support.
    A support group provides a group of people who truly understand you. With them you can laugh and reflect over the day-to-day turmoil of living with dystonia.
  • You are educated.
    The group's connection to the DMRF gives you access to the latest information on research and treatment.
  • Valuable information is shared among support group members.
    From 'favorite' doctors in the area to tips for daily coping, support groups are a wealth of firsthand information.
  • You can evolve from being a victim to becoming an advocate.
    Support groups give you the chance to help incorporate dystonia into your life by doing something positive on behalf of others, whether it's fundraising, promoting awareness, or consoling others.
  • Support groups help family and loved ones.
    The person who is diagnosed is not the only one who "rides the rollercoaster" of dystonia. Spouses, parents, and children need support, too.

Search for the nearest dystonia support group.

Accelerating Research & Inspiring Hope

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