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Once again and until we find a cure I will be running for dystonia this year!  Pat’s challenges continue but he has made great strides thanks to continued research by the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.  Your past donations have made a difference!! Again I ask for any small donation or good vibes you can spare!  Donations go to research to find a cure for dystonia!  I run for my brother-in-law Pat. He was diagnosed with dystonia, after being hit by a car training for a triathlon.  There is currently no cure for dystonia, but through medical research they are making advances.  Pat is very active in the dystonia community providing support, advocacy, and awareness.  He continues to struggle daily from the effects of dystonia, but still displays a positive disposition.  Please support the research for dystonia! This year I will again be running 4 races for Dystance4Dystonia!  Thank you!! Helen

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The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) has served the dystonia community since 1976. Join us in our global effort to find a cure.