Musicians With Dystonia

Musicians With Dystonia was founded in 2000 by professional French Horn player Glen Estrin and Steven Frucht, MD.

The group is dedicated to serving the special needs of musicians affected by task-specific focal dystonia, particularly hand and embouchure dystonias.

As a program of the DMRF, the Musicians with Dystonia group adheres to the policies and standards of the Foundation, the Board of Directors, and the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council. The structure includes the Musicians Advisory Board and the Musicians Medical Advisory Committee.

The Musicians Medical Advisory Committee provides input to the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council on issues related to task-specific dystonia and contributes to the development and guidance of research initiatives. Although the Musicians Medical Advisory Committee may be consulted on matters of grant recommendation, the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council is solely responsible for the final recommendation of grant proposals. Members of the Musicians Medical Advisory Committee are responsible for encouraging grant applications among colleagues and providing physician education programs.
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Musicians With Dystonia Advisory Board

Glen Estrin
President & Co-Founder

Dale Clevenger

Glenn Dicterow

Leon Fleisher

Billy Goldenberg

Gary Graffman

Alex Klein

Alan Menken

Peter Nero

Peter Oundjian

Andre Previn

Pinchas Zukerman

Musicians with Dystonia Medical Advisory Committee

Steven Frucht, MD
Chair and Co-Founder

Eckart Altenmuller, MD

Alice Brandfonbrener, MD

Nancy Byl, PT, PhD

Michael Charness, MD

David Eidelberg, MD

Stanley Fahn, MD

Blair Ford, MD

Jennifer Goldman, MD

Paul Greene, MD

Mark Hallett, MD

Hans-Christian Jabusch, MD

Richard Lederman, MD, PhD

Mark Lew, MD

Pietro Mazzoni, MD, PhD

Alberto Priori, MD

Seth Pullman, MD

Stephan Schuele, MD
Takaomi Taira, MD, PhD

Edward Taub, PhD

Frank Wilson, MD

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