Clinical Fellowship Training Program

The DMRF offers one-year fellowships to support the training of exceptionally qualified neurologists.

These fellowships are in preparation for a clinical career in movement disorders with a special competence in the evaluation and treatment of dystonia. This is the second year of this important program with the inaugural year of support provided through a partnership with Merz Pharmaceuticals. In 2013, both first and second year fellowships will be awarded through grants from Merz Pharmaceuticals and Allergan.

The training program should focus on critical aspects of dystonia including: clinical diagnosis and evaluation, ongoing patient care and management, pharmacotherapy with a special emphasis on neurotoxin therapy, and neurosurgical interventions, such as deep brain stimulation. The training must be patient-oriented and include hands-on experience in clinics as well as participation in professional meetings and workshops. Involvement in the activities of the Dystonia Coalition ( and participation in courses related to dystonia at major neurological meetings will also be required. Second year fellowships, for those who have completed a first year of training in movement disorders, should focus on clinical research as a major part of their program.

Congratulations to our 2013 Clinical Fellows and their mentors:

Umer Akbar, MD
Fellowship Institution: University of Florida
Mentor: Michael Okun, MD

Raminder Parihar, MD
Fellowship Institution: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 
Mentor: Daniel Tarsy, MD

Jung Park, MD
Fellowship Institution: National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stoke 
Mentor: Mark Hallett, MD

Harini Sarva, MD
Fellowship Institution: Beth Israel Medical Center
Mentors: Susan Bressman, MD and Rachel Saunders-Pullman, MD, MPH

Aasef Shaikh, MD
Fellowship Institution: Emory University 
Mentor: H.A. Jinnah, MD, PhD

For more information on this program contact Jody Roosevelt at or 312-755-0198.

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